The Advisory Committee recognizes that it is impossible to acknowledge everyone who contributed time and resources to the successful completion of the assessment phase of the Child Placement Project. However, without the support of judges, clerks of courts, court staff and DFCS caseworkers in the selected county sites, the project could not have been completed. The Committee extends a grateful and sincere expression of thanks to each of you for opening your courts to the research staff and responding to our questions. We also thank the Council of Superior Court Judges, the Council of Juvenile Court Judges, and the Department of Family and Children Services for their cooperation and interest in the project. Additionally, the Committee extends a special acknowledgment to the research interns from Emory University Law School who exhibited attention to detail and dedication throughout the data collection: Jesse Bacon, Michelle Barclay, Regina Bellamy, Lori Coleman, Suzanne Rowell, and Sage Russell. This report was prepared by the Karen Worthington, the project coordinator during the assessment phase of the project, and the Administrative Office of the Courts.