Foster Parents Notice and Right to be Heard Project

The population of foster parents is ever-changing.  A small percentage of foster parents stay as foster parents for over 10 years per DFCS data.  Many foster parents do adopt the children they foster at some point and often then stop operating as a foster home.  Thus, continual training on the law regarding notice and opportunity to be heard is a necessity to keep up with the changing target audience. 

  • Foster Parent Training: J4C funds foster parent training both via its legal track at the Georgia foster parent conference, and by contracting with a part-time Juvenile Court judge to provide local trainings to foster parents around the state each month.  The trainings are held on weekends during the academic school year and childcare is provided to encourage foster parents to attend.
  • EmpowerMEnt Trainings:  EmpowerMEnt is an organization founded by former foster youth and supported by J4C.  Its main mission is to provide training to foster children on their legal rights and opportunities, but it also trains foster parents to view issues through the eyes of foster children.  In 2015, EmpowerMEnt held classes around the state.