Georgia Supreme Court Order


Atlanta December 19, 1996

The Honorable Supreme Court met pursuant to adjournment.

The following order was passed:

Under a federal grant, this Court established the Supreme Court Child Placement Project to evaluate and recommend improvements for the processing of child abuse and neglect cases. The first stage of this project, the assessment phase, culminated in a report, which was formally presented to the Court on October 9, 1996, by the Chairperson of the Project, Judge G. Bryant Culpepper, and members of the committee.

The Court hereby establishes an Implementation Committee to follow up on the recommendations of the Project to

  1. develop and implement improved, uniform methods of record keeping and court management of juvenile court caseloads;
  2. to increase education and training, provide cross-training and trial manuals for all persons working with juvenile court cases;
  3. to develop and distribute standards of practice for juvenile court judges, attorneys practicing in juvenile courts, and court personnel working on juvenile court cases; and
  4. to ensure representation of all parties, including children who are the subject of proceedings at all stages of decision-making by the courts. In addition, the Implementation Committee should continue to study alternatives for handling juvenile court matters throughout the State, whether in specialized juvenile and family courts or in general jurisdiction courts.

The members of the Implementation Committee are hereby appointed to a three-year term commencing October 9, 1996, through March 12, 1998:

Judge G. Bryant Culpepper, chairperson
Carol Campbell
Judge Virgil Costley, Jr.
Dianne Drennan
Judge Stephan E. Franzen
Judge George J. Hearn III
Judge Sanford J. Jones
Judge R. Michael Key
Vicky O. Kimbrell
Susan Phillips


Clerk's Office, Atlanta

I hereby certify that the above is a true extract from
the minutes of the Supreme Court of Georgia
Witness my signature and the seal of said court hereto
Affixed the day and year last above written.